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Universal Testing Machine Retrofit

Revive Older Material Test System Instron 1122

Upgrade Instron System

Do you have a testing machine in your lab that looks outdated or functions slow.  Well, Instru-Met can revive the older Instron™ Material Test Systems  to become a productive machine in your lab.  Our retrofit process consists of completely rewiring your test frame to accept a new controller and high resolution encoder for precise crosshead positioning and speed control.

Instron 1122 Rebuild

Instru-Met 1122 Modernized to New


Instron 5542 Materials Testing Machine

We service and calibrate all Instron 5500 Series Test Frames. We have the largest selection of all classic repair parts for all Instron tester models and controller types. We repair and calibrate the following 5500 Series load frames:

Instron Mini-55, Instron 5542, Instron 5543, Instron 5544, Instron 5564, Instron 5565, Instron 5567, Instron 5568, Instron 5569, Instron 5581, Instron 5582, Instron 5583, Instron 5584, Instron 5585/5585H, Instron 5589. These systems have an excellent history in the industry and we still support and carry these parts for repair. We also service and calibrate Instron 5800 Series: Instron 5842, Instron 5843, Instron 5844, Instron 5848, Instron 5865, Instron 5866, Instron 5867, Instron 5869, Instron 5881, Instron 5882, Instron 5884, Instron 5885/5885H, Instron 5887, Instron 5888.

Instron 5542

Instron 5542 with Bluehill software with Instru-Met custom made stainless steel manually operated tensile grips


Instron 1101 & Instron TM Classic Chart Recorder


8332Instron 1101 Classic Chart Recorder completely reconditioned to NEW.  The Classic Instron TM Chart Recorder console restored like a classic automobile.  Some enhancements include; replacing the tube type load cell amplifier to a solid state or digital amplifying system. The Instron 1101 test frame itself  takes on a new life with an Instru-Met complete re-manufacture. Instru-Met replaces the synchronous drive motor with a precision servo drive system.


Instron Testers for Lease


Tinius Olsen Remanufactured Test Frame Instru-Met is proud to offer a leasing option on Instron Testers, MTS Testers, Tinius Olsen Testers and United Testers of all types and sizes.  Instru-Met is offering leasing on testing accessories as well.  We are also providing use of testing equipment in our factory on a per hour basis and we can perform tests for you using our in factory ASTM Testing services lab.  For more details please call us!



Tinius Olsen Test Frame

Instru-Met specializes in bringing new life to test frames.  This is one of our completely re-manufactured 60,000 lbs, capacity Tinius Olsen test frame.  Instru-Met upgrades all large capacity test frames including: Tinius Olsen H 300KU, Tinius Olsen H 75KS, Tinius Olsen H 50KS,  Baldwin, Satec,  and Instron test frames. Tinius Olsen Collage



Monsanto Tensometer T10 and Monsanto T2000

Monsanto Tensometer Instru-Met Union NJ Instru-Met services, repairs, calibrates and upgrades Monsanto Tensometers.  Instru-Met offers several tiers of cost effective ways to repair or upgrade your Monsanto T10 and Monsanto T2000 to the latest electronics.  Instru-Met offers the latest in strength of materials testing software.including TestWorks 4 and TestSuite software.  Each test frame upgrade that we offer can be customized to fit any budget and is a great alternative to buying new.  Instru-Met can keep your existing test frames running optimally using our vast stock of repair parts even when the original manufacturer can’t.  We offer a full line of load cells, extensometers, grips and fixtures for any ASTM or ISO mechanical test methods.


Instron ReNew

Instron ReNew Instru-Met services, repairs, calibrates and upgrades Instron ReNew test frames and MTS ReNew test frames. Instru-Met offers several tiers of cost effective ways to repair or upgrade your ReNew test frames to the latest electronics and newest revisions of strength of materials testing software.  Each test frame upgrade that we offer can be customized to fit any budget and is a great alternative to buying new.  Instru-Met can keep your existing test frames running optimally using our vast stock of repair parts even when the original manufacturer can’t. We offer a full line of load cells, extensometers, grips and fixtures for any ASTM or ISO mechanical test methods. 


Instron 5500 Series Load Frames


Instron 5543 We service, support and provide calibration services for all 5500 Series Test Frames even when the original manufacturer can’t. This includes: Instron 5542, Instron 5543, Instron 5544, Instron 5545, Instron 5565, Instron 5567, Instron 5587, Instron 5588 testing systems. These testing systems provide comprehensive versatile solutions for a range of materials testing requirements. We have a full line of direct drop in replacement load cells for these models and for all other Instron models. Calibration services are also available in our in-house laboratory. Learn more about services offered contact us!


Instron TTD Customized to a High Production Multi-Head Tensile Tester

Multi-head Tester in Plastics Lab Instru-met Corp We wanted to share a picture of one of our custom built multi-head tensile testers with three high elongation Hi X 20 inch range extensometers, three load cells and three sets of grips to getting testing done 3 times as fast. We can accommodate up to 5 stations increasing productivity 5 fold saving your lab valuable test time by increasing production and decreasing your labs labor costs.


Materials Test Equipment

We are celebrating our 40 years as a Materials Test Equipment Provider.  We offer a complete line of load cells, grips, fixtures and extensometers for all of our materials testing machines. Call us today for all your load frame needs.Our inventory of “obsolete” Instron™ frame parts and accessories is unsurpassed. Not even the original equipment manufacturer can match our inventory. Instru-Met offers repair service and support for all Instron™ test frames from 1946 to today. Some popular test frames include:  Instron 1000 Series, Instron 1120 Series, Instron 1130 Series, Instron 4200 Series, Instron 4300 Series, Instron 4500 Series, Instron 4400 Series, Instron 5500 series, Instron 5800 Series and Instron 3300 series  (along with others).We are an accredited calibration laboratory.