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Tensile Tester Service & Calibration

Instru-Met services what we sell and we maintain one of the most extensive inventories and catalogs of Instron™ Testers from the 1950’s to today of hard to find parts for frames that are no longer produced or serviced by Instron™ . We provide laboratories with consultation, pre-scheduled preventative maintenance, on demand engineering, software training,and repairs for all of your laboratory needs.

Service/Preventative Maintenance

Every visit we make to our new and existing customers benefit from tester inspection process.  During our inspection we evaluate each tester frame to ensure it is suitable for optimal operation and make sure it is viable candidate for calibration.  Any findings are immediate brought to the attention of the client.  Once issues are identified and authorization is received, Instru-Met will bring the tester back to optimal performance to the best of our ability minimizing immediate and/or  future costs.  Most of the time issues that are found are corrected by cleaning, re-lubrication and minor electrical adjustments.

Mini 44 Repair

  • Our load frame preventative maintenance procedures are extensive and all inclusive.
  • Each electrical system is checked with precision testing equipment.
  • All complete mechanical parts check is performed.
  • All circuit board and connector contacts are cleaned and treated to insure good conductivity.
  • Any worn or potentially failing part can be replaced after consultation with the client for authorization to prevent future breakdowns.
  • Controlling software and firmware are optimized and backups are created in a backup director or media of the clients choosing in case of computer failure or hard drive corruption.
  • After service is performed, a report is provided outlining the maintenance procedures followed and recommendations for tester dependability and longevity.

Load cells, extensometers, and many other testing devices

We offer various types of repairs services.  If your load cell, extensometer or any other mechanical or electrical component of your testing system is not responding or is in need of minor or major repairs, we provide in factory evaluations of all tensile components. Clients can ship the device or component to our facility where we can diagnose the issue quickly in our laboratory where we maintain several customized testing centers dedicated to each of the type of repairs we make.  Cost for evaluation is minimal or no cost of all provided you have the device repaired by one of our service repair engineers.

Unscheduled Emergency Repairs On Site

Clients may chose to have one of our field service engineers make a plant visit.  We can also travel to your facility if your test frame is having issues and take care of everything on site.   We know and understand that broken equipment can shut down a manufacturing process.  You can depend on us to get your system back and running when you need it the most.  If failure in your test systems are catastrophic a lot of times we can offer loaner units while yours is being repaired or upgraded.  We service and repair equipment that the original manufacturer won’t support anymore keeping your classic systems running for many more years to come.  Our customers have been confident in knowing that we have an average emergency response time of less than 48 hours, and weekend and evening service is available upon request.

Shipping your test Frame to Our Facility

Another convenient and cost effective option is to have your entire frame sent to our facility.  We have a loading dock, fork lift and can receive virtually any size tester.  In our factory our professionals have access to more advanced diagnostic tools and parts that are difficult to carry to client facilities.  While at our factory with everything needed just a few steps away on our inventory shelves we can quickly get your test frame back up and running and shipped back to your in no time.

Engineering Consultation (Phone or Video)

Our service and production engineering staff is always available to discuss any special testing needs you may need for your test frame. We can also design and construct custom fixtures and application testing devices for you. Our engineering and production staff can consult and troubleshoot over the phone and provide instruction and repair/replacement parts to help you repair your tensile tester or test frame yourself.  Minor consultation is always provided at no cost to our repeat customers and we are glad to help new customers as well.  For more aggressive troubleshooting or repair we can pre-arrange a phone call and provide repair help remotely utilizing tolls such as Team Viewer, Skype, Face Time or Google Duo with UPS next day we can have you running again in under 24 hours.

Software Training

Instru-Met has been working with software-controlled test equipment since the very start  in the early 80’s when the PC became a vital and necessary tool for collecting and analyzing data.  We have been offering in-field and on-site training on all popular testing software packages including MTS® Test Works 3 and 4, Test Suite, Instron™ Series 9, Merlin and many different Bluehill version software packages.  Call us to see if we can help you and your staff become more efficient in the software that your company uses.


Machine Time in our Facility

If you are working on research that requires some time on a tensile tester we have an area in our lab set-up for you to come in and conduct your testing.  Please let us know ahead of time so we can set up the appropriate fixtures to accommodate your needs.