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Models 1120 Test Frames


Each instrument in the 1120 series offers the widest choice of testing conditions within its range.  Interchangeable load cells enable a wide range of tension, compression, torsion and reverse stress testing with measurements in English, Metric or S.I. units.  A complete line of industry tested general and special purpose grips are available to meet the testing requirements of virtually any material and any lab.  As an Instron™ 1120 series instrument user, the best way to maximize your test lab is to update the test frame with the latest, easy to use, materials testing software program. Instru-Met can retrofit any Instron™ 1120 series test frame and have most models in stock for quick delivery and set-up.
Pictured on this page is a Remanufactured Instron 1122 with a classic computer. Frames can be controlled with any PC or laptop computer of customers’ choice. At Instru-Met we re-manufacture the Instron™ Model 1120 Series.  For more information on the Instron™ 1122, 1123, 1125, 1127, 1128 Series Test Frames.Click on the downloadable brochure Instru-Met Remanufactured Instron Model Series 1120 Instron Test Frame 

1122 with a classic computer