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Test Frames

Instru-Met understands the hardships and costs of having a test frame broken down and non-functional for any given duration.  We can quickly repair your test frame so you can be up and running quickly sometimes the same day.  Most of the time, we can repair your test frame at your facility by our highly trained field service engineers.  If your test equipment cannot be repaired onsite, you can ship your test frame and/or its suspect components to our facility where our staff of Service Engineers have access to more advanced testing capabilities, machine tooling, lifting devices and a surplus in stock repair parts to quickly repair your test frame or component.  We have one of the most extensive inventories of tested older Instron™ electrical & mechanical components in the country.  We also carry older or “classic” parts for many other test frame brands and models.  Most of the time our response is less than 24 hours.  Call us and let us see if we can save you from a costly test frame replacement with a cost-effective repair.  We can quickly repair your test frame so you can be up and running fast.

Load Cells

Instru-Met knows how vital accurate dependable load cells are for validity of testing results.  We offer fast turnaround diagnostic times and affordable repair pricing.  We can repair (or replace) Instron™ load cells, and many others, that may be unresponsive, unbalanced and/or fail to give accurate force readings when the internal structural elements are compromised. After repair Instru-Met can provide an A2LA accredited ASTM E4 or ISO 7500 verification prior to shipping or make a plant visit & calibrate at your facility.  Contact us so we can coordinate the shipping and receiving of the load cell to our factory to provide you with a complete test and evaluation of your device(s) by our team of skilled Service/Repair Engineers.

A partial list of types of load cells we can repair or replace:

  • Universal Tension/Compression Load Cells
  • Instron™Canister Type Series Instron 2511, Instron 2512, Instron 2518 and Instron 2525
  • S-Beam type cells
  • Single Point load cells
  • Pancake Type cells
  • MTS™cells, Tinius Olsen™cells, United™cells, Interface™cells, and many others.


Instron 2511 Repair

Test Frame Devices

Instru-Met’s Service Engineers can also repair many other test frame components and devices.  We can analyze, diagnose and repair most extensometers, micrometers, high elongation strain gauges, digital linear gauges, temperature chambers, grips, test fixtures and many other mechanical or electrical issues you may have.  We repair Instron™ cross head control units, Instron™ load cell amplifiers, Instron™ extension measurement units, Instron™ strain data units and Instron™ console parts. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

Instron 1125 Crosshead Control Unit

Instron Relay Driver Board