Instru-Met Corporation

Strength of Materials Test Equipment Company |Classic Tensile Tester Experts


Instru-Met has the capability to calibrate force and load machines on-site at your facility. Our force calibration capacities include forces up to 100,000 pounds in compression/tension. We can calibrate the small bench top testers as well as the large hydraulic test machines. Our services include Tensile Testers, Universal Test Machines, Compression Test Machines, Pull Testers, Creep Testers, Stress Rupture Testers and Strand Testers. All our force calibrations are in accordance to the most recent ASTM E-4 specification.  Please contact us to discuss our vast list of private and public companies, universities, government agencies that we provide our fine calibration and services to across the United States and Worldwide.
Service/Preventative Maintenance
  •   Our load frame preventative maintenance procedures are extensive and all inclusive.
  •   Each electrical system is checked with precision testing equipment.
  •   All voltages and waveforms are adjusted to insure optimal performance.
  •   A complete mechanical parts check is performed.
  •  All circuit board and connector contacts are cleaned and treated to insure good conductivity.
  •  Any worn or potentially failing part is replaced to prevent future breakdowns.
  •  After service is performed, a report is provided outlining the maintenance procedures followed.