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Monsanto Tensometer T10 and Monsanto T2000

Monsanto Tensometer Instru-Met Union NJ Instru-Met services, repairs, calibrates and upgrades Monsanto Tensometers.  Instru-Met offers several tiers of cost effective ways to repair or upgrade your Monsanto T10 and Monsanto T2000 to the latest electronics.  Instru-Met offers the latest in strength of materials testing software.including TestWorks 4 and TestSuite software.  Each test frame upgrade that we offer can be customized to fit any budget and is a great alternative to buying new.  Instru-Met can keep your existing test frames running optimally using our vast stock of repair parts even when the original manufacturer can’t.  We offer a full line of load cells, extensometers, grips and fixtures for any ASTM or ISO mechanical test methods.