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Universal Testing Machine Retrofit

Revive Older Material Test System Instron 1122

Upgrade Instron System

Do you have a testing machine in your lab that looks outdated or functions slow.  Well, Instru-Met can revive the older Instron™ Material Test Systems  to become a productive machine in your lab.  Our retrofit process consists of completely rewiring your test frame to accept a new controller and high resolution encoder for precise crosshead positioning and speed control.

Instron 1122 Rebuild

Instru-Met 1122 Modernized to New


Instron Extensometers

Instru-Met’s Hi-X Extensometer adds the capability of testing highly elastic materials such as elastomers, semi-rigid plastics and films to any test frame for any manufacturer.  Quick release clamps are ergonomically designed to allow one-handed specimen loading and the gripping force is easily adjusted to apply different degrees of tension to ensure the sample is held securely without damage. We offer repair and replacement for all Instron Extensometers.  Hi-X Extensometer


Instron Load Cells/Extensometers Calibration

GaryWorking_v2The Instru-Met Calibration Department can offer you significant cost savings!

Contact us today to discuss your service and calibration needs for Instron testers and others.

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