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Grips & Fixtures


Elec-Trex Wedge Grip

    • Electric Motor Driven Wedge Action Grip
    • Stainless Steel Housing & Nut Assembly
    • Moving Housing Design
    • Easy Open & Close Rocker Switch Operation
    • 2,500 LBS. Capacity
    • Hardened & Ground Hook Tooth Design Grip Face
  • Standard 1 ¼” Stud With ½” Pin Mount
  • Precision Guide


Instru-Met Wide Opening Grips

  • Specially Modified Air Grip
  • Air operated
  • Opening to 1 inch
  • Built in Air Valve
  • Standard Instron Mounts
  • Capacity to 200 Pounds


1000 LB. Capacity
Pneumatic Action Clamp

    • Billet Aluminum Construction
    • Over 1400 LBS. Of Clamping Force
    • 1 ¼” Adapters with ½” Cross-drilled Pin Mount
  • Built in Toggle Air Valves for Convenient Operation
  • Full Selection of Interchangeable Grip Faces

  200 Lbs Side Action Pneumatic Grips

  •  For Samples to 1/4” Thick
    • Capacity 200 lbs
  • Built in Air Toggle Switch
  • Industry Standard 1 1/4” and 5/8” Male Clevis Mounts

  Pneumatic Foot Controller for Air Operated Grips

    • Dual Control Valve in a Single
  • Housing Two Positions With Dentents for Separate Upper & Lower Grip
  • Control Easy Kick To Release Operation

Capstan Webbing Grips

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Load and Unload
  • 1 ¼” Grip Adapters With ½” Cross Drilled Pin Mounts
  • 10,000 LB. Load Capacity
  • 4” Wide Sample Capacity


 Small Cord & Yarn Grips

  • Adjustable clamping force
  • Fitted with guides for loading of the specimen


Large Cord & Yarn Grips

  • Designed for high strength yarns
  • Adjustable clamping force
  • Fitted with guides for loading of the specimen


Grip Faces Replacement Grip Faces

  • Full Compatibility with Industry Standard Manual & Pneumatically Operated Grips
  •  Custom Design Faces for Special Applications
  •   Full Complement Of Rubber & Serrated Surfaces

4pointbendfixture 4 Point Bend Fixture

    • Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Loading Anvils
    • 6” Span on the Upper Loading Nose
    • 12” Span on the Lower Loading Nose
    • Center Mounting Hole for Easy Set Up
    • Inch or Metric Guide Rules
  • Aluminum Hard Coat Finish

 ASTM D732TESTFIXTURE ASTM D732 Test Fixture Punch

    • Precision Ground and Hardened Surfaces
    • Accepts Samples From 0 – .500 Inches
  • Precision Guide

 woodshear fixture  Wood Shear Fixture

    • Wood Shear Fixture ASTM D905  
    • Compression Loading Shear Tool With Self – Adjusting Bearing
    • Used for Checking Adhesive Bond Strength Primarily for Wood
    • Accepts Standard 13/4” X 2” X ¾” or 44.4mm X 50.8mm X 19mm Test Specimens
  • Easy Below The Crosshead Mounting and Setup

 Ductility Test Ductility Test

  • Used for Testing Ductility of Metals
  • Allows Testing of Ductility Without Having to Purchase a Separate Ductility Machine
  • Used as a Accessory on a Normal Test Frame
Puncture Fixture Puncture Fixture

  • Full 360° OF Holding Force On Thin Films
  • Easy Two Hand Operation
  • Assortment Of Probes That Can Be Customized To Your Specific Test Requirements ASTM D5748
90 Degree Peel Adhesion Fixture

  • Aluminum & Nylon Construction
  • Cross head Driven Platen
  • Adjustable Platen Tension
  • Easy Grip Pull Return
  • Standard 1 ¼” Stud With ½” Pin Mount
  • Highly Polished 2″ X 11″ Stainless Steel Adhesion Plates


laser extensometer (600x800)  Laser Extensometer

  • Comes in Two Measurement Ranges Either 0,3 to 5 inches or 0.3 to 15 inches
  • It’s a Non-contacting Means of Precise Measurement that is Used with Various Materials
  • Meets and exceeds ASTME-83
clip-on extensometer  Clip-On Extensometers

  • We Can Supply A Wide Variety Of Sizes To Meet Your Testing Needs
  • Please Contact Us For A Quote
Laser Extensometer Reusable Targets  Laser Extensometer Reusable Targets

  • Easy One Hand Operation
  • Custom Designed Reusable Laser Extensometer Reflective Tape Fixture
  • Made Of Steel Or Aluminum Can Be Used In High And Low Temperature Applications
  • Designed  To Attach To Specimens At Set Gauge Lengths Precisely Using The Included Gauge Length Setting Tool
PULL RODS  Pull Rods

  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Standard 1 1/4” Male/Female Clevis
  • Standard 5/8” Male/Female Clevis
  • Supplied With Jam Nuts
  • Various Lengths
EASY PULL FIXTURE MOUNTING PINS  Easy Pull Fixture Mounting Pins

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ball Detent To Eliminate Accidental Pin Loss
  • Capacities To 12,000 Lbs.
  • Inch & Millimeter Diameters
  • Assortment Of Lengths
  • Full Compatibility With Industry Standard Fixturing
LOAD CELL ADAPTER  Instru-Met Load Cell Adapter

  • Made For Instron Models 4400 And 5500 Machines
  • Exact Fit For Instron Drop In Load Cells
  • Can Be Used For Both Tension And Compression
  • Other Adapters Available
Insight Strain Adapter Cabling  Insight Strain Adapter Cabling

  • Cabling For All Your Testing Needs
  • Provide Easy I/O For Complete Data Acquisition
  • Easily Connect Industrial Standard Clip On Strain Gauges To MTS Insight Controllers
  • Can Be Configured For Laser Extensometers, Digital Extensometers Or Instron String Gauge Extensometers
gearboxrebuild  Gearbox Rebuild

  • Complete Disassembly And Inspection
    Of All Gears
  • Replace All Bearings
  • Resurface Clutch Surfaces
  • Bore Lubrication And Inspection Holes
  • Paint All Outer Surfaces
Instron Chart Paper and Pens  Chart Paper And Pens

  • Both “Z” Fold & Roll Paper For Flat Bed & Roll Type Charts
  • Felt Tip Cartridge & Ball Point Type Pens In Various Colors
REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR ELECTRONIC CONSOLES  Replacement Parts For Electronic Consoles

  • Lamps
  • Transistors
  • Tubes
  • Ic Chips
REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR FRAME CARE  Replacement Parts For Frame Care

  • Belts
  • Amplidyne Brushes
  • Capacitors
  • Potentiometers
REPLACEMENT CABLES  Replacement Cables

  • Frame Control
  • Load Cells
  • Power
REPLACMENT SCEW COVERS FOR ALL TEST FRAMES  Replacement Screw Covers For All Test Frames

  • Fully Welded Polyurethane Construction
  • Easy Field Replacement Of Flat Covers
  • Helps Keep Screws And Guides Dust Free
  • Maximizes Machine Life
Custom Portable Test Frame Stand  Custom Portable Test Frame Stand

  • Make Your Test Frame Portable
  • Large Locking Casters
  • Phenolic Wheels For Easy Rolling
  • All Steel Construction
  • Custom Sizes For Any Type Of Frame Or Environmental Chamber
 DIGITAL LED CHIPS  Digital Led Chips

  • Used In Instron Extension Measurement Unit (Emu)
  • Used In Instron Dual-Channel Readout
Three Point Bend Fixture

  • Two (2) Inch Span Setting Gage
  • Stainless Steel
  • Custom Span Sizes Available