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ASTM E4 Force Calibration Service


Caliper Calibration Services

Calibration is all about managing risk and finding errors in measuring systems. Instru-Met’s Quality Assurance complies with ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL 540-1. Caliper calibration is just one of many services provided by our metrology lab. Upon completion of the calibration process you will receive a calibration certificate that indicates the results.  


Caliper Calibration


Load Cell Calibration Service

Tensile Tester Calibration Services Instru-Met CorporationSpring has arrived! Please contact us for your preventative maintenance and calibration needs. Instru-Met is ISO 17025 Accredited to ASTM E-4 load cell  force calibration and ASTM E-83 extensometer strain calibration.  Instru-Met routinely calibrates: Tinius Olsen, Admet, Instron. Thwing-Albert, Sintech,  MTS, Zwick, Chatillon, Lloyd, MTS TestSuite, MTS TestWorks and Instron Bluehill Software Controlled Test Systems.


Test Works, TestWorks 4, TestWorks 3 Software Training and Method Development

TestWorks 4 is powerful but easy to use software package to enhance productivity of your Instron,  MTS, Tinius Olsen, United, Zwick and many other electromechanical testing systems for research, process development and quality control applications. You can boost your knowledge of the software’s potential through the training classes we offer. Instru-Met offers TestWorks 4 and TestWorks 3 training classes at your site or at our factory. We also offer custom and ASTM method development under the TestWorks 4 and TestWorks 3 platforms for mulit-cycle testing, stress strain analysis,  hysteresis testing, compression testing, 3 point bend and 4 point bend testing and others.

Testworks IV




Instron Extensometer ASTM E-83 Calibration by Instru-Met Extensometer calibration to ASTM E-83 and ISO 9513 Instru-Met celebrates its 40th  year continuing its calibrations of Extensometers to the ASTM E-83 Standard and  ISO 9513. Instru-Met uses precision devices offering some of the best accuracies in the business.We also calibrate Load cells to ASTM E-4 using precision equipment calibrated to ASTM E-74 with dead weights to insure the lowest measurement uncertainty.