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About Us

American Owned and Operated Calibration and Manufacturing Facility in Union, New Jersey      flag_small
Founded in 1974, Instru-Met Corporation is a leader in the field of re-manufactured and fully upgraded Instron™ load frames test equipment. We provide  for accredited tension and/or compression calibration for load cells, extensometers, temperature, crosshead speed and/or crosshead displacement.  Instru-Met  has accredited dimensional calibration services to ensure accurate measurement of your calipers and mircometers. See our Home page for A2LA accreditation logo and scope. We remain a privately held company specializing in totally remanufacturing mechanical frames.  We continue to maintain and build relationships around the country and internationally.  We work with a wide range of companies, research facilities, universities and government organizations.  Instru-Met services what it sells and can provide your laboratory with scheduled preventative maintenance or on demand engineering and repair. In addition, we carry a large inventory of hard to find parts for frames that are no longer produced or serviced by Instron™. We offer a complete line of load cells, grips, fixtures and extensometers for all of our materials testing machines. Our inventory of “obsolete” Instron™ frame parts and accessories is unsurpassed. Not even the original equipment manufacturer can match our inventory. Instru-Met offers repair service and support for all Instron™ test frames from 1946 to today. Some popular test frames include:  1000 Series, 1120 Series, 1130 Series, 4200 Series, 4300 Series and 4500 Series (along with others).  We can provide repair and calibration services for most other test frames including: Tinius Olsen™ Baldwin™ Thwing Albert™ Monsanto™ United™ and others.
Our Team
 Our well-rounded group is comprised of Engineers, Technicians, Machinists and other highly experienced professionals .  This group brings innovative skills to the complex tasks required in successfully making load frames, accessories and hardware/software solutions for the strength of materials industry. Some of the industries we serve include: pharmaceutical, plastics, wire, metal, aviation, government agencies, consumer product companies and leading universities.
Quality Policy Statement
Our commitment to our clients requires that all services provided are client-focused, quality driven and of the highest standards.  We continually look for ways to improve the quality of service by client feedback, training of staff and using the latest technology.  We educate our employees on the latest standards and calibration procedures. All these efforts have one common goal in mind, and that is to being committed to being in compliance with latest  ISO/IEC 17025:and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.