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Retrofit Test Frame

Looking for a new Instron Testing Machine?

Have you thought about Upgrading your Current One?

Instru-Met may be able to offer a significant savings to you by providing a full electrical and mechanical upgrade to your older technology test frame to offer faster and error-free calculations according to national specifications. Our retrofit team consists of our knowledgeable Frame Technician Engineers and experienced sales members to ensure that you get the upgrade that can best suit your companies needs for today and tomorrow.

What our retrofit process consists of

Our retrofit process consists of completely rewiring your test frame to accept a new controller and high-resolution encoder for precise cross head positioning and speed control.  We install a new precise digital drive system with a high torque servo motor and gear train system allowing infinite crosshead speeds between .005 to 20 inches per minute to increase the accuracy of your testing system. We include advanced computer interface hardware for full test frame control with high speed data capture.  This can offer multiple Load Signal and Strain conditioner channels. A remote LCD display handset which allows  users to manually position the cross head, start tests and display startup diagnostics, test results, and much more. We also include a new computer and monitor running the latest Windows OS and Full Testing software with many testing options available. This offers modern reliable reports in your preferred formats. To increase your versatility or diverse the resolution of your testing abilities, we can offer many additional options:

  • New load cells of various maximum forces add to your testing versatility
  • New grips for greater or less forces you are currently using
  • Additional load or strain channels
  • Auto recognize & auto calibrating load cell electronics
  • Additional coupling fixtures and compression platens
  • Extensometers, Deflectometers or High Elongation Strain Gauges

Test Frames we can Retrofit

ADMET Baldwin Lloyd Shimadzu Universal
ATS Monsanto Thwing Albert Satec Instron
Tinius Olsen Chatillon Riehle Mark-10 Tech Pro
Test Resources Infinity Geotest Omega Mantracourt


Installation of your Retrofit Test Frame

Instru-Met can travel to your facility and assist in setting up your test frame with your existing transducers and fixtures.  We would inspect the entire frame internally and externally to ensure that the test frame is in excellent working condition after the shipping process.  An operational check would also be completed in ensure the system is functioning optimally on site as well.  We also provide basic operational training with the software.  Additional and extensive training is available. All contractually agreed upon A2LA accredited verification and calibration of your transducers, extensometers, crosshead speed & displacement would be performed, and certificate provided upon completion.

Instron 1000,1011,4411 Series

Instru-Met 1000,1011,4411 Series


You can keep your current load cells too!

Instru-Met can add additional cost savings for your company by re-configuring the connectors on your current load cells to be compatible to your Retrofit.  We can also add electronics to make them auto calibrate and auto recognize when you plug them in.






Trade for New

If your test frame is working ok, but aged, and you’re looking for a replacement, Instru-Met will provide one of our own test frame in stock or build you a test frame to meet your specifications and needs that will be compatible with all your existing load cells, grips and fixtures.  With our trade out program, once you order a frame from Instru-Met we will support your existing test frame with remote troubleshooting and repair parts at no addition charge until your new frame is delivered.

If you don’t see your test frame, call us!