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Model 4500 Series Frames


At Instru-Met, we remanufacture the 4501, 4502 and the 4505 series Instron Test frames. These materials testing systems provide the user with comprehensive versatile solutions for the broadest range of testing materials.  All test frames that we remanufacture are provided with a highly advanced digital crosshead control drive system. All test frames are provided with position control as a standard and strain rate and load rate control as added options. The basic jog controls are replaced with a multifunction handset adding thumb wheel positioning for precise gage length positioning and an LCD display for remotely displaying live load cell readings, live crosshead position and other test results data.  Load cells and grip adapters are precision machined and piloted into the crossheads to ensure the maintenance of the tight alignment tolerances built into the machine.  We offer a Windows based materials testing software packages with standard ASTM tensile, compression and flex methods built in and fully customizable. We offer a complete selection of software and hardware options to tailor the systems for any ASTM or custom testing requirement.At Instru-Met we remanufacture the 4501, 4502 and the 4505 series Instron™ test frames ..Click on the downloadable brochure Instru-Met Remanufactured Instron Model 4500 Series Frame 4500TN