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Model 1000 & 1011 Test Frames

Add new life to your Instron™ Model 1000 or Model 1011.  Instru-Met has a complete upgrade package for your existing load frame.  The up1101 picture TRANSPARENT TNgrade will eliminate all obsolete components and cumbersome weigh beams.  The frame is stiffened with external column guides and crossbar.  The electronics console is replaced with a state of the art computer controlled Materials Testing Software package.  The system is capable of reading in English, Metric, or S.I. units.  The weigh beam is replaced with any easy to change “S” beam with built in quick attach fittings.  All bearings and drive belts are replaced and the frame is refinished with an industrial powder coat finish for durability.  All of your existing grips and fixtures are completely interchangeable with this upgrade package.

Pictured is a remanufactured Model 1000 with a wide screen monitor.

Click on the downloadable brochure Instru-Met Remanufactures Instron Model 1000 & 1011 Test Frames.