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Technical Information

Technical Discussion on Classic Digital, MCC, DMCC or ADC Instru-Met, MTS, Sintech and Q-Test test frames

Your existing test frame electronics and computer boards known as ADC uses an ISA computer slot that is no longer supported by most computer manufacturers.  Instru-Met can and will support these systems with our inventory of parts and computers.For more detailed information regarding this issue, click here.

Upgrade Tips 

There are many types of frame, electronic and software upgrades available.  Consider having your upgrades done at the time of routine service and calibration.  This will save the expense of a separate site visit to install the upgrade.  A typical electronic upgrade or hardware upgrade should include all device verifications as well as crosshead speed and displacement verification.  This will not only test the devices but will also ensure proper operation of the test frame to load.  Having samples available at this time is also helpful to check the systems.

Service Tips

We have found during the many rebuilds that we have done on all types of material testing machines that one thing seems to be common.  The grease used on the screws and guide system is usually dried up and hard or sticky.  It is important to maintain your test frame the way it was meant to be, it is a precision instrument and needs routine maintenance.  The life of the drive system is dependent on the lubrication that it receives.  Since these systems are not self lubricating they need to be lubricated during a preventative maintenance visit.  The mechanics in these frames have metal on metal bearing surfaces and need proper lubrication.  Call us now to schedule a visit.