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Sintech, MTS & Q Test Frames and Other OEM Frames That We Service


Here at Instru-Met we Service & Repair Sintech Test Frames as well as Q Test Frames

ADC Controller Board

ADC Controller for a Sintech Test Frame

We have the largest selection of all classic  Instron repair parts from all  Instron tester models and  and controllers. We have repair and replacement parts for  the Microcon I, Microcon II, Instron 1122, Instron 1125, Instron 1123, Instron 1127, Instron 1127, Instron TTC, Instron TTB, Instron TTB, Instron 1011, Instron 1000, Instron 1101, Instron 1102 and the Instron TM.We service have repair parts for these models as well: Instron 4501, Instron 4502, Instron 4505, Instron 4301, Instron 4302, Instron 4201, Instron 4202, Instron 4204, Instron 4411, Instron 4465 and all 4400 series Instron Testers. MicroconMicrocon II

Mini 44 Repair

Mini 44 Repair

 Here at Instru-Met we repair and calibrate Instron 5542, Instron 5543, Instron 5544, Instron 5565, Instron 5567, Instron 5569, Instron 5581, Instron 5584, Instron 5585H. In addition, we service the 3300 Universal Testing System series which includes:  Instron 3340, Instron 3360 and Instron 3380. If your 3300 series testing systems need to be supported we are the company for you!  These systems have an excellent history in the industry and we still support and carry parts for repair.