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ASTM E4 Force Calibration Service


Pneumatic Side Action Grip Pinch Guards


Clip on Extensometer 1 in Gauge Length


Single Column Tensile Tester

This single column universal testing machine can perform all your tests quickly and accurately. Its versatile and compact frame design can test up to 1000 lbs. You can be testing within minutes. The single-column testing machine’s small size allows for easy placement on a table. Instru-Met offers grips in a variety of types and sizes for testing all types of materials. Contact us to find out more information!


Tensile Tester Repair

Instru-Met repairs tensile and compression testers on-site as well as in our laboratory.  If you have a Universal Testing System that needs to be repaired or upgraded, we have been around since 1974.   Instru-Met works with manufacturers, testing labs, universities, companies and entrepreneurs in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Hungary and Europe.  


Tensile Grips


Tensile Tester Meter

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Universal Testing Machine Retrofit

Revive Older Material Test System Instron 1122

Upgrade Instron System

Do you have a testing machine in your lab that looks outdated or functions slow.  Well, Instru-Met can revive the older Instron™ Material Test Systems  to become a productive machine in your lab.  Our retrofit process consists of completely rewiring your test frame to accept a new controller and high resolution encoder for precise crosshead positioning and speed control.

Instron 1122 Rebuild

Instru-Met 1122 Modernized to New


Caliper Calibration Services

Calibration is all about managing risk and finding errors in measuring systems. Instru-Met’s Quality Assurance complies with ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL 540-1. Caliper calibration is just one of many services provided by our metrology lab. Upon completion of the calibration process you will receive a calibration certificate that indicates the results.  


Caliper Calibration


Instron 5542 Materials Testing Machine

We service and calibrate all Instron 5500 Series Test Frames. We have the largest selection of all classic repair parts for all Instron tester models and controller types. We repair and calibrate the following 5500 Series load frames:

Instron Mini-55, Instron 5542, Instron 5543, Instron 5544, Instron 5564, Instron 5565, Instron 5567, Instron 5568, Instron 5569, Instron 5581, Instron 5582, Instron 5583, Instron 5584, Instron 5585/5585H, Instron 5589. These systems have an excellent history in the industry and we still support and carry these parts for repair. We also service and calibrate Instron 5800 Series: Instron 5842, Instron 5843, Instron 5844, Instron 5848, Instron 5865, Instron 5866, Instron 5867, Instron 5869, Instron 5881, Instron 5882, Instron 5884, Instron 5885/5885H, Instron 5887, Instron 5888.

Instron 5542

Instron 5542 with Bluehill software with Instru-Met custom made stainless steel manually operated tensile grips