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Materials Test Equipment

We are celebrating our 40 years as a Materials Test Equipment Provider.  We offer a complete line of load cells, grips, fixtures and extensometers for all of our materials testing machines. Call us today for all your load frame needs.Our inventory of “obsolete” Instron™ frame parts and accessories is unsurpassed. Not even the original equipment manufacturer can match our inventory. Instru-Met offers repair service and support for all Instron™ test frames from 1946 to today. Some popular test frames include:  Instron 1000 Series, Instron 1120 Series, Instron 1130 Series, Instron 4200 Series, Instron 4300 Series, Instron 4500 Series, Instron 4400 Series, Instron 5500 series, Instron 5800 Series and Instron 3300 series  (along with others).We are an accredited calibration laboratory.


Check out our Full Line of Material Testing Machine Grips and Fixtures

PULL RODSElectrex wedge gripPeel Adhesion Fixture




Pull Rods, Elec-Trex Wedge Grip and Peel Adhesion Fixture




Instron 4501,4502,4505,4507


4500TN Instru-Met has repaired 5 in the last month! Call us for your repairs, upgrades and calibrations!