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Instru-Met and First Robotics

Instru-Met is again involved with First Robotics and “Aerial Assist” the 2014 challenge.  Ward Ruoff of the Instru-Met Corporation has been a mentor for the Roxbury High School – Roxbury New Jersey robotics program for the past 3 years.  This program has evolved from its first year with limited resources and space to having classroom space and a full time dedicated teacher (Mr. Lee Hayden) of the Roxbury High School computer department.  Instru-Met and First Robotics is a natural fit, we at Instru-Met deal with motors and drives and also National Instruments software and controls.  These “robots” are mechanical machines tasked with performing a certain function or functions.  The students are encouraged to present ideas on how to perform these tasks.  The mentoring process is to guide the students using our knowledge and experience to solve these problems while the students learn the use of hand tools, machine shop equipment, computer interfacing, and team building.